Vineyard and Winery Experiences

Vineyard and winery experiences offer an immersive journey into winemaking, blending tours, tastings, and stunning landscapes to enrich one's appreciation for wine culture.

Experience a 20-30 minute guided tour at IronGate Estate, immersing yourself in the rich history and winemaking process of the estate, followed by a curated tasting session led by knowledgeable staff to savor the unique flavors of their wines.

Walk through our vineyards and learn all about the Hunter Valley region, grape growing and our vineyard practices

Walk through our winemaking facilities, have the machines and processes explained to you by one of our experts 

Look through our Barrel Room at our collection of French, American and Hungarian oak barrels. Learn about the purpose of oak and effects on wine. 

Taste TWO wines from our winery either from the tanks or barrels (this is dependant on what is available)

These tours are only available from Monday- Friday at 10am or 2pm, you can also enjoy a wine tasting following your vineyard and winery tour experience to put all of your new knowledge to the test! Simply add the wine tasting to your booking. If you wish to do a winery tour outside of these hours, please email to check availability.