Comments on Reviews and Wine Show Medals.


The team here at Iron Gate Estate are dedicated to making our wines to a high standard with a touch of winemaking flair for our club members and customers to enjoy. These wines are based on our own winemaking philosophy, and the pursuit of making every wine to the best of our ability is paramount to that philosophy. Generally, we don’t chase third party endorsement, but we decided to see how we compare to some of our peers and entered a few wines in wine shows as well as submit our wines for the “Best of NSW Wines “in the 2020 May-June edition of Winestate magazine.

We knew the wines were good (our members have told us as much) and were pleased to have our own views endorsed in medal wins and reviews. Especially pleasing were the Winestate reviews for our 2018 Fenix Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz and our 2019 Classic Verdelho awarded 5 -star status and “Best of Class” for both wines. Our other wines were also received well, and all the wines we submitted were reviewed in the same magazine. It’s great to get that reinforcement, but a contented smile or complimentary comment from a member or customer is worth more than any Gold medal.


The team here at Iron Gate Estate are primarily focused in bringing you good wine for your enjoyment. We like to think that we are on the right winemaking track and are basically guided without any third- party endorsement outside of our customers. We thought, however, that we might dip our toe in the water and see how we compare against our erstwhile winemaking peers. With the utmost humility, we would like to say we are very pleased with the results from wine shows and magazine reviews. One of the most pleasing results was we recently sent some wines to Winestate magazine for the “Best of NSW Wines” tasting for their 2020 May-June edition, and came away with two five-star ratings and “Best of Class” for the 2018 Fenix Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz and the 2019 Classic Verdelho. The other wines were also highly- rated and it was lovely to get that recognition, but a contented smile, a complimentary comment on the wine or a re-order from a member or customer is worth more than any Gold medal.