2019 Sweet Semillon

Iron Gate estate wines

This wine is made from Semillon grapes grown on our home vineyard picked at the same early harvest time as our other Semillons. However, we stopped the fermentation by chilling this portion to retain some sweetness and this wine is a result of those winemaking endeavours. The wine is clear quartz- green in colour with aromas of citrus, talc and green apple with a lemon sherbet-like palate with a cleansing dry acid finish.

wine release

This wine has been made predominantly from Semillon and a dash of white muscat, and it will appeal to those who are looking for a wine with upfront fruit sweetness and a balanced dry acid finish.

The wine has a clear quartz colour with hints of passionfruit, lemongrass and white rosebud. The ferment was stopped to retain some residual sugar in the wine and while there is some sweetness it is balanced by fruit and acid due to its early harvest. Flavours of citrus and passionfruit are in balance with the sweetness and the wine finishes dry with a sherbet-like acidity. Try it with Asian food or shellfish such as lobster or prawns or enjoy it by itself.

food pairing

A great match with spicy food, this wine will also go well with paté, crumbly cheeses and desserts.